Noble Cat Bells

Why Use Cat Bells? Our handmade brass and nickel silver bells aren’t just another accessory to put on your feline companion’s collar. Putting a bell on your cat’s collar actually has multiple benefits. The first, and most common reason, is to act as a warning for any small prey animals. Studies show that cats played a significant role in the extinction of 63 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. They kill approximately 2.4 billion birds every year in the United States alone. Putting a bell on your cat’s collar can help reduce these numbers and save wildlife. Despite being adequately fed at home, cats are natural hunters and may try to stalk and capture birds, rodents, and other small animals…

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Noble Dog Bells

Why Use Dog Bells? When taking your dogs off leash, whether for a stroll in your neighborhood, off the beaten path or along a popular dog trail, having a Noble Bell on their collar has several benefits. Dogs are known to be obedient animals, but there are still unfortunate moments when they go astray. One of the primary benefits of putting a bell on your dog’s collar when they are off leash is that it can help you locate them if they wander off or become lost. A bell can make tracking your dog’s movements easier and help you find them more quickly if they are out of sight. This can be especially useful in wooded areas or other environments…

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About Noble Bells

In 1989, in a farmhouse in rural Wisconsin, Dave Noble and his son founded Noble Bells. I’m Doug Noble. My father has been a falconer since the early 1970s. For centuries, bells have been used in falconry to help falconers locate their bird when they lose sight of it. When my father was growing up, the most popular bells were made by the legendary Pete Asborno. My father was a machinist by trade, and he always admired Pete’s craftsmanship. When Pete passed away in 1989, my father saw a way to combine his two greatest interests—falconry and machining. For more than thirty years, my father and I have been manufacturing and selling bells to thousands of falconers worldwide. Our bells have been tested in the skies and through the brush of fields and forests in all corners of the globe. At Noble Bells we believe that a bell should provide beautiful design and reliable function. The combination of brass and nickel silver in our bells is aesthetically pleasing, and their ring quality is unmatched. Each bell is drawn from a sheet of metal and then machined and assembled with care and attention to detail at every step. The bell is silver-soldered together with a strap that carries our family name. What really makes a Noble Bell sing is its clacker. In the mid-1990s, my father developed a multifaceted clacker that rings in response to the slightest motion. It’s actually hard to keep these bells from ringing. Our bells are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, quality, and beauty. The only bell louder than a Noble Bell is a pair of Noble Bells.