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Our dogs love to run, but it’s easy to quickly lose site of them. Attaching a Noble Bell™ to your dog is a safe easy and effective way to keep track of your dog even when you lose site of them.

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Crystal clear sound.

Our brass, and nickel silver dog bells are equipped with a multifaceted clacker design that delivers an unmatched loud and clear sound with even the slightest movement. These bells were originally designed for use in falconry, where a bell is attached to the bird so you can hear the birds when you lose site of them. With dogs the function is exactly the same.

A training partner.

House training young puppies can be a nightmare. With our hyperactive bells, you’ll be able to hear where your little pup is at all times and avoid any accidents inside the house. When training outside, you’ll be able to immediately notice a change in the bell’s tone when they start to wander off and call them back to safety.

Keep tabs on your loyal friend.

If you have a dog that enjoys being off lead during your country walks, Noble Bells are ideal for keeping track of their whereabouts. Whether your loyal companion gets ahead of you or starts to wander in the bush, you can quickly locate them and ensure they are safe and sound.

Handcrafted with care.

Our company has been making handmade bells in the Midwest since 1989. After many years we’ve learned how to manufacture the best bells in the industry for falconry. We’re taking that passion and innovation to design the best accessory and aid for your pets. Our dog bells are handmade from brass and nickel silver, proving to be durable and can maintain their quality and beauty when exposed to the elements.

Versatile and secure.

Noble dog bells come in three different sizes, perfect for puppies and adult dogs of any breed. Our exquisite design makes our bells more durable and light, so comfort is never an issue. Included with every bell is a fastening tie and a small rubber tube to make installation a breeze.

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