Noble Cat Bells

Why Use Cat Bells?

Our handmade brass and nickel silver bells aren’t just another accessory to put on your feline companion’s collar. Putting a bell on your cat’s collar actually has multiple benefits.

The first, and most common reason, is to act as a warning for any small prey animals. Studies show that cats played a significant role in the extinction of 63 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. They kill approximately 2.4 billion birds every year in the United States alone. Putting a bell on your cat’s collar can help reduce these numbers and save wildlife.

Despite being adequately fed at home, cats are natural hunters and may try to stalk and capture birds, rodents, and other small animals when they are out and about in the great outdoors. Hearing the jingle of the bell as your cat approaches will allow the bird or mouse to fly or run off to live another day. You won’t have to deal with your cat bringing you home any of those lovely “gifts” that those outdoor cat owners are all too familiar with.

The other helpful benefit of a bell on your cat’s collar is that it helps locate your furry friend inside or outside your home. Cats can get into tiny spaces, so it’s easy to lose track of them. Our handmade quality bells can help you keep tabs on your cat, so you can be sure they are safe.

Every cat owner has experienced it ─ you’re bringing the last of the groceries in and about to close the door when little Fluffy scurries through. Having a bell on your cat’s collar will make it easier for you to be aware of their presence nearby, making it easier for you to keep them safe inside the home. Still, if the cat slips out, their loud bell will notify you of their whereabouts.