Noble Dog Bells

Why Use Dog Bells?

When taking your dogs off leash, whether for a stroll in your neighborhood, off the beaten path or along a popular dog trail, having a Noble Bell on their collar has several benefits.

Dogs are known to be obedient animals, but there are still unfortunate moments when they go astray. One of the primary benefits of putting a bell on your dog’s collar when they are off leash is that it can help you locate them if they wander off or become lost. A bell can make tracking your dog’s movements easier and help you find them more quickly if they are out of sight. This can be especially useful in wooded areas or other environments with limited visibility, where it can be more challenging to spot your dog from a distance.

Even in low light conditions, the sound of the bell can help you locate your dog’s whereabouts. During nighttime off-leash walks or late-night bathroom breaks, having a bell on your dog’s collar will give you a background noise of reassurance when it is difficult to spot them visually.

Knowing your dog’s whereabouts isn’t just helpful when you’re outdoors. Puppies love to roam where they shouldn’t. The sound of the bells can alert you if they’re getting into the trash, bothering other animals in the home, or at the back door wanting to be let out in the morning. Using Noble Bells on your puppy’s collar can help keep them safe and aid in dog training.

Overall, a bell on your dog’s collar can serve as an effective safety measure to help protect your dog while off leash and give you peace of mind as a pet owner.